Personalized Textiles

Printed Textiles

The so called transfer printing technique is used to print the labeling of your choice permanently to the textile. Printed textiles may only be washed at max. 30 °C in the washing machine.

Sample Textiles with Funny Prints

Emily: My Daddy is the Best
My Daddy is the Best

Lukas: Made in USA
Made in USA

Daniel: I look even better when I'm naked
I look even better when I'm naked

Emma: You are bigger, I am louder.
You are bigger, I am louder.

Jacob: I'm not a girl!
I'm not a girl!

Olivia: I am non-returnable!
I am non-returnable!

Sophia: I am a planned child
I am a planned child

Joshua: Mamas little Monster
Mamas little Monster

Most Popular Prints by Our Customers

  • Ryan: Now the central point is me
  • John: No matter what. It wasn't me!
  • Tyler: Sorry, I'm not toilet-trained.
  • Abigail: Made in Holidays
  • Natalie: I can walk, what can you do?
  • Dylan: Newly hatched
  • Jessica: Fast-Growing Genius
  • Audrey: Hug me, I am sweet!
  • Matthew: I need more pocket money
  • Christopher: Feed me!
  • Grace: Made by Love
  • Rachel is a little drama queen
  • Jennifer is a tattletale
  • Sean: Be nice! I will choose your old people's home.
  • Joseph: Soccer God 2026
  • Brianna: Favorite child
  • Sydney: I am nocturnal
  • George: Everyone must follow my orders!
  • Jose is a tease
  • Addison: Sponsored by Grandma & Grandpa
  • Kayla: Made by Mom & Dad with Love
  • Nicholas is a rugrat
  • Lily: Where is the baby? Here it is!
  • Pascal: Gootchi-Gootchi-Goo? Please speak English!
  • Morgan: Pacifier? No thanks!
  • Bryan: Cookie Monster
  • Mary: Baby of the Year 2008
  • Adam is a little milk-vampire
  • Kyle isn't half bad either!
  • William instead of a career
  • Anthony: Falling asleep? Me? Dream on!
  • Justin: Freshly squeezed
  • Nathan is a Milk Pirat
  • Luke: Copyright 2008 by Mommy & Daddy
  • Sarah: Proof of Love!
  • Austin: Don't you gootchie gootchie me!
  • Kevin: Just like daddy
  • Gabriel: I am allowed to do this!
  • Ashley: Pay me a compliment!
  • Jasmine is grandma's sweetheart
  • George is a troublemaker
  • Eric is a little macho
  • Sofia: If mommy says no, I will ask daddy.
  • Lucas: Little Brother
  • Michel is a bottle-fed baby
  • Brooke: Fastidious Palate
  • Kimberly: Mommy's Full-Time Job
  • Jenna: I call the shots!
  • Tristan: Turned out well!
  • Carlos: The only one who bawls in here is me!
  • Heidi: Drama Queen
  • Marlon: Unsalable collector's item
  • Paul: Looks like mommy, eats like daddy
  • Zoe: Turning night into day
  • Chloe: Delivery time 9 months
  • Anne: Mommy's bosom friend
  • David: When god made me, he wanted to show off!
  • Christopher: Prince of the diapers

Embroidered Textiles

The textiles will be embroidered by us with a name of your choice. The textiles can be washed at 95 °C linen and at 60 °C coloreds in the washing machine.


The textiles we offer consist of materials that are made without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The processing of the fibers takes place without using dangerous chemicals and bleaching agents. Only azo-free dyers are used to colorize the textiles. The avoidance of these substances is good for your baby and good for the environment.