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Method of ShippingShipping Class

Standard shippingfor free2.90 EURfor free3.95 EUR4.95 EUR5.90 EUR5.90 EUR--
Comfort shipping5.90 EUR5.90 EUR5.90 EUR6.90 EUR6.90 EUR6.90 EUR6.90 EUR--

Note: If you order products of different shipping classes, the highest shipping class will be used to calculate the shipping costs.

* The shipping costs of this shipping class are calculated per product.

All prices incl. VAT.

Methods of Payment

The available payment options are depending on your invoice/delivery address and will be shown to you after you entered your address data in the shopping cart.

Method of Payment Payment Fee** Description

Credit Transfer free of charge After you placed your order, you need to transfer the total amount by using a bank transfer form or directly via online banking. You will receive our bank details and the reason for transfer after you have placed your order. You can find information about the SEPA Credit Transfer with IBAN and BIC at (Germany), (Switzerland) and (Europe).

PayPal free of charge PayPal is a fast and safe way to perform payments online. After you placed your order, a PayPal button is displayed. By clicking the button you will be forwarded to PayPal and can complete your payment instantly. Further information can be found at the PayPal website.

** The exact amount will be displayed at checkout.

ATTENTION: For paying back duplicate payments we unfortunately feel impelled to charge an administration fee of 5 Euros. Please make sure that you did not already pay at the eBay checkout before making your payment. Thank you for your understanding.

Methods of Shipping

Comfort shipping

Standard shipping